Scholarship Grants

The MAY EMMA HOYT FOUNDATION offers post secondary education scholarships to Lawrence County residents. The criteria considered are aptitude, achievement, financial need, and commitment to the Lawrence County Community.  

PLEASE NOTE:  For the current school year, the acquisition of documentation required by the application may be difficult. With that in mind, for the current school year: 1) attach the documentation you are able to acquire; or 2) attach a copy of the documentation; or 3) explain why you were unable to acquire and/or attach either an original or a copy of these documents.

Applicants should carefully select and submit the correct and appropriate application from the downloadable PDF links below.


Application Deadline: 2nd Friday in July

  • Awarded every year?                                                                                                                   yes
  • Unlimited amount awarded?                                                                                                     no
  • Renewable?       (Must re-apply each year)                                                                                 yes
  • Must be repaid?                                                                                                                            no
  • Required to attend a specific school?                                                                                       no
  • Eligibility: All Lawrence County students are eligible for four years of post-secondary education (five years if the program pursued by the student is a five-year program). Note that four years of eligibility also includes any post-secondary education that is LESS than four years, such as a two-year associate degree program, a trade school program, and any other form of post-secondary education. Further, there is no age requirement, nor is the student required to seek further education immediately following high school. The student need not be a high school graduate to be eligible for a scholarship.
  • Is a separate application required each year?                                                                         yes

OPTION I.  To download the Scholarship Application in PDF format for dependent students living at home , please click link below:

Download PDF Application – Dependent
Online Application

OPTION II.  For married, separated or divorced applicants (not living at home), please complete the Scholarship Application below: 

Download PDF Application – Independent
Online Application

For more information, please contact us at:

May Emma Hoyt Foundation
P.O. Box 788
New Castle, PA 16103

Phone: 724-924-8111
Fax:      724-924-8111